Monday, December 1, 2008

It begins...

Argh! The Christmas season is starting! Tonight I am playing with the community concert band as a ringer (oboe ringer, not bell ringer). This is the band J plays in regularly. They are actually doing some stuff I need to look at - nothing scary, but still. Canzona by Perter Mennin, Danza Finale by Ginastera, Whisper to Their Souls by Samuel Hazo and a bunch of marches - oh an the lovely Sleigh Ride of course. Should be fun. I am mostly playing 2nd as they have an oboist, he is just out of HS and does pretty well although his reeds are terrible, and last night he was having trouble coming up to pitch. He said, don't worry, I'll cut off the bottom of the tube and that will fix it right up! I was kinda horrified, and asked him if he'd like me to clip the tip of the reed, which obviously needed to be done for pitch and tonewise too - but he assured me he knew what he was doing. *sigh* Oh well.

Tuesday is the last rehearsal for Amahl - I am excited and nervous about that. What a great oboe piece. I just hope my reeds are good. Wednesday I have to announce to the bells that I quit my church job (after Christmas). This is not going to be a fun announcement - I really like all the people but the more I sit with the decision the more I realize it is the right one. I'm staying to sing with the choir as they are doing a cantata on the 16th and really need more ladies (such as I am).

Thursday is orchestra, concert (with Sibelius 2) next week - then 2 Amahl concerts. Holy cow. I am really wondering what possessed me to take the tenor/clar/ob/eh part for White Christmas (Dec 19-21) - nearly killed myself playing tenor, couldn't move for 2 days. I have ordered one of those fancy harness things so I don't die while playing. Also somehow have to work up clar chops while not sucking on the oboe for Amahl and Sibelius. The ob/eh parts in White Christmas appear to be nothing exposed. Hopefully the sax/clar stuff is buried as well!

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