Monday, December 15, 2008


Bunch of stuff done. whew! My recorder students were darling at their 10 minute Christmas carol presentation; I got them santa hats to wear and they were SO excited.

The Sibelius went great - well, greater than we have ever played it. Ob 2 didn't come in several times *sigh*. There are these back and forth measures where we play and they didn't go back and forth (as she didn't play). Oh well. She is nice and plays fine when she counts right, so I'm ok. Hard to complain too much as our section players still aren't getting paid. The economy is not helping our little orchestra grow, now they are talking about not paying us for the black and white ball, which is a fundraiser. This is difficult because they did pay us last year. The civic theater has fundraisers they don't pay the musicians for; and several of our key players were in that production (people who I think will make a big stink about the orch not paying). We'll see what happens.

Cantatas at church went ok - can't believe I was singing in the middle of everything else! But I think it was good for me to contribute. Since the music program seems to be going down the tubes there. I am really annoyed that it appears the bells are going to be sidelined for Christmas eve, which has in the past been our big feature performance - usually we play several things. I prepared 3 pieces this year but was informed we would be playing once for the early service and 2ce on the later one - but those would be prelude/postlude (NOT featured, as no one is listening at those times and people just talk over the music) Since this is our final performance I was kind of hoping to at least have the offering slot. But there is a new DOM and she is arranging praise tunes (which will be lovely I'm sure). SO. Not only am I POed that the bells aren't having a bigger role; I'm also playing the oboe on FIVE praise tunes and singing two selections from the cantata with the choir! This is NOT how I planned Christmas eve - and I am super annoyed that the DOM practically BEGGED me to play oboe that night and I caved since all my other stuff is over by then - and she is just having me play with a herd of other people on crap music. I should have asked but I Assumed (stupid stupid!) that I would be playing an obbigato part for some hymns or a solo of some sort. I should just bag out but I don't want to appear bitter as I'm leaving the bell job. Even though I am.

FINALLY, rehearsal for Wh*te Chr*stmas was yesterday - first time I've played tenor in public for 20+ years! And the clarinet - both had some issues, mainly because I got there just minutes before we started with 3 big horns to get out. I thought it was at 2:30, but actually started at 2! NOT good, but at least I wasn't late. Crammed oboe together in time for a miraculously in tune A. Was happy to see oboe parts were not too bad - actually featured in a couple places (which is all you would expect of any part); so I feel better about playing this book. When I realized how much sax/clar there was I was wondering if I should step down, but I'm giving two screamin tenor parts (measure or two each) to book 4 guy; and I'm transposing a couple of the harder clarinet songs to oboe. Most of the stuff I can play ok on clarinet though. Hoping M can loan me her MUCH better tenor and she also may have a line on a clarinet I could use. I might consider buying it - her old Selmer Bb, I have my brother's Bundy he played in jr hi band.

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