Thursday, November 27, 2008


So, I posted last week and I have no idea what happened to that post. It appears to be gone. Huh. Well, nothing stunning happened - we had orchestra and there was some weirdness in the section with the recently removed wind player. We actually sounded kinda bad on the Sibelius, which I thought would be so easy to put together. Ah well, it will be fine in 2 weeks.

I quit my church job. Just this week. I had an appt with the pastor, mostly to talk about how I was unhappy that no one told me I had a new boss; and no one told me the position was open, or asked my opinion about filling it. But between asking for the appt and our actual meeting (about 2 weeks due to scheduling); I decided I was just done. I think our new DOM will actually work out just fine, she is nice and has a great attitude. I wish her well, and I'm soooo relieved.

Here is something the pastor told me that just confirmed my decision: when they brought the future DOM back for her 2nd interview, he thought it would be good to have the music leaders in the church present. So he asked Terrible Praise Tune Guitar Man and Lovely Choir Director Lady to come. LCDL was not available, and so he asked Former Choir Director Lady to come instead. As the pastor was talking during our meeting, he said "I probably should have asked you to that interview too" - well, DUH! So they had this big process and talked about how the music would work during the new service and the old service - and I didn't even know this meeting/interview occurred! I was annoyed but vindicated, as it is obvious they never included me as part of the music staff. Stupid people.

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