Friday, November 7, 2008

Now I am really POed

Just got the "resume" of our illustrious leader (my new boss, the DOM). I'm so mad I am shaking as I type. This girl is "working" on a bachelors degree in music. She has attended 4 different community colleges and has no degree or certificates from any of them. Her studies at one were music/gen studies, but the others were architecture, horticulture and gen studies. WTF???!!!

Also, her "resume" (which was hilarious, I would love to post it here but that would just be wrong) had bible quotes on it! She used bible quotes for her objective and goals. I'm sorry, I know this is a church job, and I guess that is why no one wanted me to know about the hiring process - because I would have wanted someone who could actually DO THE JOB, not just blather on about faith in G*d (which is a good and wonderful thing, but a resume is just not the appropriate place to do that). Obviously the minister is not concerned with her musical abilities.

I just have to say under experience she listed Unknown Community College From Distant State Jazz Band II as her "best" ensemble experience. She lists keyboard, a loud wind instrument and vocals as her areas of expertise. Which could be fine, but I am dreading this whole thing. I guess this is good, as I was considering leaving after Xmas anyway. The biggest thing now is I want to have a pt job so I can still deduct my symphony miles from my tax return (you can't deduct for your primary job, which amazingly, this church job was)

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