Monday, November 10, 2008

Symphony, sick people, and stupidness

So - yesterday went to see the Big Symphony in their fabulously beautiful new hall, they did a world premier which I hated (Phillip Glass wannabe), Haydn Cello concerto (boring) and Sibelius 2 which was AWESOME!!! OMG they sounded amazing.

But perhaps even MORE amazing was that I saw L at the concert (heart surgery guy!). He was released from the hospital Saturday after they put in 2 or 3 stints. I had heard he was home but I never expected to see him out. His wife (my former boss) was playing, and he should have been but the sub they got did a great job (pretty exposed part for him in this piece). He should be playing by next week (at least practicing). WOW!

And then I suppose I will mention that I went to church before. The new boss was there, she is older than I had feared, which may be good. Not that I'm opposed to a young person, just a stupid young person. Or a stupid old person! Anyway, she played keyboards for the 2 praise tunes they had for the early service, then she left, I guess to go prepare for the 2nd service. She did a fine job, although praise tunes don't really stretch one's abilities! But she didn't screw it up, so that is good. The organist (our new pt lady) actually didn't do a bang-up job, couple of wrong turns and some extremely weird harmonizations for some of the hymns. But I had a revelation.

I realized it doesn't matter if I play praise tunes or the oldest hymns, or classical arrangements or something put together on the spot. I try to make it a special musical moment - something to add to the worship and perhaps open that communication with G*d. When I go in a beautiful cathedral, I feel something special - the glory of that building seems to confirm a presence. It is the same for me to have glorious music - no matter what style it is. I am NOT saying you need to have church in a beautiful building, or you must have fabulous music to connect - but it helps! I feel that this church used to do that but our new minister does not value music for this purpose. Maybe it doesn't work for him. But it seems like ALL he cares about it connecting with youth, NOT connecting with G*d. I am all for playing music the youth can relate to, but it has to be GOOD! And it isn't the way we are doing it now. Which is sad.

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