Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oboe Royalty!

Hey the new DR journal is out and guess who is on the cover!!! Well, me and 50 other people. I'm third one in, and you can see the mysterious G (prinicpal oboe spot, although we kind of just sit wherever) and the serpent player - the one who loaned me his "spare" serpent last spring for our duet. There is a great article by my friend Michael who comes every year with his bassoon/piccolo playing wife; it mentions the number of years everyone has played. These are really messed up, LOTS of the women are listed under their married names and separately under maiden names (I am under Jill Cathy which is spelled wrong, and Jill Hooper). Also, I have shirts for the past 14 years, although they list me as only coming a total of 9 years. Whatever!

This is such a fun gig, you can read about it in last July's posts if you care to under Fireworks or something like that.

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