Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yay! I just got called to play Amahl and the Night Visitors at the college, and they are paying me!! This is the college that I had been playing EH for the concerts (one rehearsal) for free for several years, and this fall I finally got the guts to tell the conductor I really needed to be paid (he pays other ringers). I was afraid that would be the end of our beautiful relationship. And this is actually the chorus, hiring a bunch of musicians, but still a good sign. The mysterious G (who teaches oboe there) recommended me - thanks G!

I am really excited because I have heard there is a wonderful oboe part for this piece, which I have never heard. Must go find a recording.

In bell news, the church is going to the new 2 service format this week (groan). The more traditional service will be earlier (double groan) and I have been informed that the bells will not be needed at the 2nd service. Ever. Ok then. I'm kind of saddened and annoyed by that, but I will look on the bright side of less time spent there (actually the same time as before, I feel sorry for the people who are doing twice the work for no extra pay!) And I am so relieved, I found a sub who is a professional percussionist (and thus can come in and read the part) - she has played with us before but had a baby and got too busy. I feel like a giant weight is off me. Now if I would only make a bunch of reeds!

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Patty said...

Amahl has not one, but two great oboe parts ... huge duet in it, actually. I do hope there are two of you! I've not played the work in eons, but I seem to recall it was great fun! Hope it's a blast!