Friday, October 17, 2008

blah blah blah

So nice to not have rehearsal last night! The orchestra is trying a new thing - strings only on the first rehearsal. I think it will be great (and of course this saves them $$) I worked on a cd cover instead. For actual pay and everything.

Wed I had my bells, and the one lady who mysteriously came in and played last week didn't show. Oh well. I still had 8, which is enough (oddly). So we read through a couple pieces and everyone seemed to like them, still have to decide what to play when. And Xmas eve has to be magical! Hmmm. I was hoping to have 4 non-choir members to play WITH the vocal choir on a piece Nov 2, but 3 works if I play too. It actually went really well and kind of bonded those ladies. Fortunately it isn't a hard piece. I really hope I can play that day, but if not I'll drag in a sub. Maybe H will come play! Hahahaha - that would be great.

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