Friday, October 3, 2008

Beethoven and stuff

We had a great rehearsal last night - not that it is ready to go or anything - but hey, we have a week! So the Artunian will be fine but I need to look at a few spots (this is a recurring theme) - Elgar is actually better than I thought, the only part I really need to deal with are the trilly things. It actually sounded ok but I'd like it to be smoother. And the Beethoven (6). Wow. We really haven't spent any time with that - I'm kinda terrified. There are many in this group (including myself) who haven't played it before, although I did a cut down version earlier this year for 14 children's concerts. So those parts I know really well!

In other news, my glasses were great! Only a couple of weird warpiness, but I think I'm adjusting really quickly. Also I need to catch up on my music bookkeeping - I write all my mileage for gigs and expenses and pay down, but I haven't done this for a couple months. Nightmare compounding daily...

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