Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night we did something new - a couple of the pit musicians from Traviata obtained a recording of our performance and we all got together and watched it (with food and merriment of course). It actually sounded pretty great! My one big solo was not embarrassing! Yay. Other than that one place you really couldn't hear me at all. We as a group could have even been louder in places - but overall I thought it was really good.

We did make fun of the staging which was really horrid (the chorus just stood around). Also the director had this weird idea about having Violetta be dreaming in the first act - so she wore a voluminous nightgown (with makeup and jewelry) and was barefoot for the party scene. I mentioned this before but I just couldn't believe it when I saw it! And instead of having her be in a dream for the whole thing, she suddenly ISN'T dreaming in act II. So if you follow the story, she dreams about meeting Alfredo, and then she lives with him. Weird. Also, it was pointed out that if you are dreaming of a party, you would probably be dressed for the party...I just thought it was distracting and not useful for forwarding the plot. The singer was great, though, jammies or not!

About 1/2 of the players came, which I thought was excellent with so many HS band directors in the mix (HS football being on Friday nights and all). I was the only wind player, M was going to come (clarinet) but she forgot! Silly girl. We talked afterward about various things, the main complaint being timely release after rehearsal. Lots of people are annoyed when he keeps us past the official time. But it was very fun and I got to know some of the string players better.

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