Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Oboeinsight has tagged me - which means I have to blog about six things about me, personally, that my readers might not know. Then, ‘tag’ six other twitter/blogger friends and make them ‘it’. Hmmm.

1. I am secretly thrilled to be tagged. I love to be one of the chosen - must have been from all those horrifying PE experiences where the captains are choosing team and the numbers get smaller and smaller as the smug chosen watch the uncomfortable few, who are trying valiantly to look cool and like we don't care that no one wants us on their team, and the coach is impatient because by that time all the actual "players who count" have been picked, and they just want to get the game going.

2. After being thrilled, I am overcome with dread, thinking "what the heck can I write about, and who wants to know anything about me?? And why do I have a blog anyway?" Must be all that insecurity nurtured from years of playing the oboe - one of the most self-esteem-boosting instruments around (NOT)

3. I actually wanted to play the french horn. Possibly even more treacherous than the oboe, but what a sound. I am in awe of great horn players.

4. I was married before, for a year when I was 26. Mr Mistake was kind of a jerk, one thing he said to me was "You can't be a real musician, real musicians are always self-confident. I know because I watched a tv biography on Pavarotti." What a dork.

5. I paid my way through college (mostly) driving a combine. A green pea combine, althought they were red colored, here is one but that is not me (or anyone I know). This was not a difficult job, although there were several times I got really close to God because I was afraid the huge machine was going to topple down a steep hill (with me on it). The best thing (besides the money) was that we got great tans - I suppose I will be regretting that someday...

6. There is actually a fake name on my HS diploma. When we moved to a new town my sophomore year, I decided my name was the reason I was not cool - Jill is so short and boring; surely I could do better (sorry mom!) Anyway, I just wrote the fabulous new name on all the "class cards" (these were the days before computers) and everyone thought I was Gillian. Not a huge departure, but it made all the difference to me - I had an instant cool nickname (was I ever this silly?) Gilligan, who for the younger crowd was actually a slow shipwrecked skipper on a sitcom played by Bob Denver - I was delighted. *sigh*

Now for the tagging bit, this is terrible. I don't think I even know 6 bloggers (besides the people Patty tagged, and it hardly seems fair to tag them again) So -
1. Claire? A lovely oboe college student from back East who has just survived a horrible car crash
2. Jenn, a superstar violist from Idaho

3. Ren and Moy from Obohemia (oboe comics - awesome)

4. Bret Pimentel - the wonderful guy who has compiled a list of all the ww doubles in every show imaginable

5. Jessica a cellist

6. and Suzanne, a flutist

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Anonymous said...

As a student of Patty's (and a horn player since 1975) who has only recently (Dec. '07) taken up the oboe, I have not yet decided which is the more difficult instrument. So far I would say that the horn is more treacherous; oboe has the advantage of usually getting the right note if you get the right keys down (or up), but the fragility and variance of reeds certainly has its own special place in my heart. And then that assumes that you're able to get the right keys down...