Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monday again??!!

How did it get to be Monday again? I am shocked I tell you. This means I have to teach my recorder students again. I decided (being such an expert) that the books they were using last year sucked (which they did) and I could do much better just teaching them the notes and giving them music I wrote out. So far is has worked out pretty well, but not having a book does make it harder for me! I ordered 4 books from Amazon this week, hopefully they will be here by *next* Monday. They are just songbooks, no real instruction. Which I think will be fine.

I also got this great theory teaching book, which you buy the rights to copy as much as you want. My friend uses it for his band program, and I thought I could use it for my private students as well as the recorder class. It is kind of amazing that my little 3rd graders know as much as some of my HS students.

Didn't touch the oboe this weekend. Didn't make reeds. Did listen to Vivaldi Gloria - not the normal one in D - there is another one I'm doing in November. Sounds straightforward- two oboes and trumpet plus strings (and choir of course). I have several duet-y mvts and one obbligato, short and sweet. Other than that we finished some things in the laundry room - starting to look like pretty nice in there.

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