Sunday, October 12, 2008

One down

Well, after that crazy rehearsal the concert was completely least as far as dramatic interplay goes. The Elgar went really well, although the strings misfired on Dorabella, the one where I have the solo-y 16ths on beat 2 every measure -- I just went with DD and it worked itself out, but slightly terrifying. One of the fast mvts I had solo 16s for a bar that didn't all speak, but I think it was not too noticeable.

Artunian was a bit slower than I think the soloist would have liked, at least the first time we play the theme. The WORST part was the very first note there is a big low chord in the orchestra and the annoying 2nd player from yesterday hit a big old minor 2nd off - ouch! And hugely loud too, although everyone else was playing loud as well. He resolved it after a beat or so, but it made the beginning unsettling. Oh well, my husband said he didn't even notice.

The Beethoven was pretty good although I wish it had been just a little more polished. The strings really did an excellent job on the whole concert. It is exciting to think that a couple years ago the couldn't have played this stuff. At least not sounding good. My big solo in the 3rd mvt was great although the whole first time through (it repeats) the tempo was slow, DDs fault there. He took it faster the second time around which was kinda fun. Overall it was pretty good, although J said he thought I wasn't loud enough. You just can't win playing the oboe - either sticking out like a piercing nasal thumb, or too soft. I'll have to listen to the CD.

Now for some bell action! Yay - early service means I'm there at 8am. Hopefully it will go ok - I have two brand new ringers (thank Gd) who've never played in the sanctuary before. I am not pleased that the youth group has basically taken away our "dress" rehearsals, but I'm not going to win that battle with H (x-music minister) gone. I'm so sad. This will be our first service playing bells without her. I've heard there is simply no money to hire a new person, so I guess they just absorbed her salary. I'm guessing they would like mine too, but it is so tiny it won't make much of a difference. But it would make some - after Christmas I will rethink my position there.

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