Friday, November 19, 2010

Another openin'

White Christmas, full steam ahead! This show has been a challenge for me (which I wasn't expecting) since I had done it before - but with full winds. This time we are covering with just 3 winds. Very different, LOT more "solo" stuff and all of it on clar/sax - not my comfort instrument!

The poor mc is trying, we can tell she is, but her inability to cue us is really problematic. Of course, as the show goes on we will know what is coming and how to respond, but I've written in voice cues on every song. I wish she could just sit in a pit with an experienced conductor one night to see how it works.

Last night we asked (again) about a slower rit on a measure in the overture. No singers - nothing on stage - so if we could just stretch the measure (which is printed with a rit) just a bit more to make the changes. We weren't coming in on the upbeat (which she commented on) and we kept saying we just needed one more second...Finally (this has been going on for 3 nights now) last night she said "you mean, you actually change HORNS there?! DURING the number?!"

Uhhh, yeah. I realize she is busy trying to play the keyboard and she is 4 feet above us, but you'd think she would notice that during the overture there is sax line stuff, oboe solos, flute stuff (and picc), and clarinet trios. All with 3 people - but I guess she is distracted. She didn't realize changes could occur DURING a number. OMG.

But, show is coming together! Should be a good opening. So glad I don't have any other music to worry about until after t-day.

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