Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are you ready for a White Christmas?

So! Ritzy Private College gig (Charpentier Te Deum) went well, Joint Chamber Group Benefit for the Little Orchestra went ok too, now all I have to focus on (this week) is White Christmas! Blah. It's a little worrisome that the mc has never directed from a pit before - but she's getting the hang of it. The whole directing with your head as you play is complicated!

Mostly I'm worried about my own playing - stupid F# major on clarinet! And many switches back and forth. I decided to bag the EH playing, sadly cuz I never get to play anymore, but it seems stupid to drag out another horn for 16 bars that are not even exposed. Seemed like there was more the last time I played this, maybe it's a different scoring? I also seem to remember a big tenor solo in How Deep is the Ocean that went up to D, but it only goes up to C in this score. Huh. Oh well.

Opening Thursday. And my BFF from WaDC is coming for Thanksgiving!!! Poor guy - he will be overly exposed to White Christmas, but whaddya do?

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