Sunday, December 9, 2007


Done with my responsible things!!! What a relief - now I can actually get the house ready for our Christmas party (THIS Saturday!!! eek), write our Christmas letter, start (yes start) Christmas shopping, practice the bells (hahaha), and plan for Christmas eve. Oh, I guess I am playing the oboe next week in church - we will do some of that Mannheim Steamroller stuff. I got the flute book. And since I'm playing there will probably be hymns (aren't there always?) And next weekend is Messiah at the beautiful old stone church, looking forward to playing 2nd! Less pressure (in a way) although I will be really making an effort to sound great since many of the "big orchestra" people are playing, and who knows who might be listening?

This morning the bells were great!! Not perfect, but certainly passable, and the overall effect was awesome (with the crazy lights and all). Fun fun fun. And OVER! I just feel so responsible for everything, now I can relax. And tonight is the church staff party at the pastor's house - so hopefully they will all be thinking how great the bells are (hehe). I am going stag since we couldn't find a sitter, and I really feel that I should go. Would LOVE to stay home as it is snowing and we just cut our tree (on our own property - Jim loves to go hiking and find a tree). They look a little sparse compared to a farm groomed tree, but it is fun to have our own. D always gets a little stick with a few branches that he likes to decorate with ancient garland and balls, Jim even found him a little 20 light set last year. Very "charlie brown".

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