Friday, December 14, 2007

not quite done...

What happened to being done with my responsible things??? At some point all this will be done (I guess when I'm dead). At least it is different stuff this week - mostly to do with our "Wicked Wodka" party (Jim started this party about 20 years ago, long before my time). For more on that see other blog.

This weekend is the one rehearsal and concert for Messiah, it is a sing-a-long; which I didn't realize until I looked it up online. Oh well, at least the musicians are all pros (with the possible exception of myself!) And I'm playing in church Sunday, suddenly more than I thought. But that is ok if I have a good reed. Which I do right now (fingers crossed). AND it is supposed to dump snow Friday night; really hope I can get through as my rehearsal is at 9am and the plow will probably not get to us until Sunday or Monday! The joys of being rural would be more if I had a 4WD. At least I now have studded snows on.

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