Sunday, December 9, 2007

oboes n bells

Ok, usually I make it a rule to only have one stressful thing going on if possible. And I guess this isn't really stressful, but if I can't complain in my blog, where can I?

Yesterday at the "tech rehearsal" the DOMs husband showed up with music he said I should play at church today. On the oboe. I have this huge bell undertaking today, and it keeps getting more and more complicated. First it was just our big piece, Wizards of Winter (TransSiberian orchestra). Then we added a hymn "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" (one of my favs). Then another hymn at the end of service "Away in a Manger". Then the lighting guys at church did this whole choreographed light show of Wizards - kinda cool, but coordinating is going to be interesting. Then I find out I will be playing "lead" on this other hymn/praise song thing I don't know, and we have to rehearse it this morning...which I wouldn't mind except all these things take time away from what we really need to practice (wizards)! I'm sure it will be ok, but adding guitars, keyboards, lights and stuff makes it way more complicated. Hopefully everyone will show up on time. Oh, and the choir is doing a piece too (which I'm not involved in) but that takes some of the precious "hour before church" rehearsal time.

The lights...what can I say? I actually asked the light guy if he thought he could do something during our piece, thinking maybe they could flash the side lights at the end or something, but he has gone crazy (in a good way)! We have red and green gels on varous spots - there are dimmer lights - he even installed strings of white lights under our tables behind the "drapes" which are just black material so you can't see our legs from the front of the tables. You can't see those lights til the end when everything is flashing around...don't know if this is totally appropriate for church, but they are so excited about all thier lights and things, how can you deny them? And it will all be over soon - I will take the neighbors out for lunch after (5 of them are ringing this morning).

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Aage Nielsen said...

Oboe 'n bells made me chuckle. I remember playing oboe in pep band in high school (when I didn't want to do anything heavy, like baritone sax or bass clarinet) and getting parts that said oboe/bells. As if they sound so much alike?