Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bells at Christmas...

I wonder why I do these things - my youngest ringer BEGGED me to play the Wizards of Winter once again this year, and I actually was able to bribe enough ringers to do it (we need about double our usual number) and found a guitarist (fun but not technically apt) and two keyboardists (to cover all the parts my bell-people don't quite manage). And so today (Saturday) I'm having an extra rehearsal. Which I never do, but we really need it - tomorrow is the big day! Hopefully they can remember their parts for one day.

I love directing in some ways, but the stress is not desirable. Also the uncertainty about budget (they won't tell us ANYTHING, and this year I only bought gloves, which I paid for myself) Since there is nothing I can really practice myself, I have to rely on everyone else! Of course, I can put countless hours into copying parts, setting up and organizing (all for my handsome salary).

Next weekend I have Messiah, which should be lovely as they hire all pros. I am just playing second, which will also be a nice destresser (I think!) - the mysterious G is playing first.

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