Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am feeling like doing nothing...this is a bad time to feel that way! I have either rehearsals or gigs every night for the forseeable future. Tonight is the last rehearsal for the Black and White Ball (eye-roll here); still not sure what we are playing. Big D is being ridiculous about allowing the board to choose repertoire.

Tomorrow is bell choir, and THANK GOD the youth bells thing is over. YAY!!!! But still, I have to deal with who is actually going to show up, and the Soundwave is coming in less than two weeks, which means I have to organize entertainment and vegetarian dinners for 20! Of course, I got another gig for that afternoon, so that will add to the organizational nightmare.

Thursday is orchestra, whatever. Friday is the Black and white ball - AND I volunteered to drive for Ds school field trip to the ice skating that afternoon. Saturday at 5:50 AM I am flying to Idaho (another destination stop!) for a concert on Sunday - also not sure what will be played for that, but it sounds fun, and I'm really flattered they asked me.

Etc Etc.

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