Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oboe gigs

Well, not exactly delightful, but I have a funeral gig tomorrow - I LOVE playing at this church because the director actually arranges ALL the music for whatever small ensemble he has - and is so organized! When I show up there is a binder with all the music in order (can you tell I've done many gigs where this is NOT the case); and we run anything weird and just play the service. Bonus: he is an excellent arranger - my favorite thing we always do at funerals is Take Me Home; he made this excellent oboe obbligato and people love it. It isn't just for funerals, but we always do seem to play it then. Also the pay is great.

And this week is Ash Wednesday - somehow I have to figure out how to stuff the bell tables onto the balcony at church. We will play Jesu, Meine Freude by Bach (just the chorale). Will be great I'm sure. And after having all rehearsals canceled last week (snow snow snow) we finally get to start the Enescu Romanian Rhapsody! Yay. Also doing Rach Pno Conc #1 and Tchaik Vln Conc for Young Artists - we have people from as far as FL and NY! Hard to believe people want to play with a group that badly - our little orchestra only offers a $500 prize if you win, and we had over 150 finalists this year.

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