Friday, February 15, 2008

New gigs

I love when people ask me to play and they actually expect to pay me! I'm kind of on the edge of getting paid, most people do at least have the grace to feel guilty to ask me to play for free...and sometimes I don't mind (like for church, at least my church because I reap other benefits there!). But finally we are getting about 1/2 the pay the big orchestra gets (although we do have fewer services), and most of the gigs I do I get some money for. I fluctuate from being excited to play for any money (talk to a singer about this sometime) to being resentful that as a student I regularly made WAY more money just because of the are (Ohio).

The northwest in general (with the possible exception of Seattle or Portland, where I do NOT live) seems to place very little value on the arts, although most people seem to love the concept of having music and visual arts available, no one actually wants to PAY for that.

Anyway, our concertmaster asked me to sub in his college orchestra in a few weeks and he will pay me more than we make in the symphony, so I'm really happy about that.

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