Sunday, September 21, 2008

back to work

Today I'm playing in church again; since we are between DOMs the choir director is getting special music. And the "act" for this week blew her off! So I offered, since these may be my last times of playing in church (dramtic sigh...)

Decided to do the Christmas Lullaby by Chip Davis (Fresh Aire) - we just left off Christmas in the bulletin. Totally different from last week (Marcello). Then tonight I have opera; but not onstage - this is weird. They were supposed to have it on stage, it is in our contracts, but DD thinks there is another show in there or something. Hmmm. So we will only have 2 run-throughs before opening. More importantly to me, we are really going to be crammed in the pit, which means if they don't get it right the first time we only have one night to fix it.

Recorder lessons are going along ok, I need to think of a song they can play for the class. It was so exciting last week to have them all playing by ear, and then I make them notate it. At this age it seems way more fun (and more like learning language) I believe the Suzuki method is somewhat like this.

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