Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Monday my recorder students had all practiced! I was really excited, and they actually sounded pretty good! I'm sure it is my superior teaching skills.

Tonight I had a new oboe student too. She is going to be fun I think - 8th grade. Her oboe is a nasty plastic Selmer, totally basic keywork. They are renting, and would consider renting a better horn, but of course the local businesses don't carry anything better...I wonder if Forrest's would be just ridiculous to try and rent from long-term. I guess I can find out!

After we had opera rehearsal with the singers! The leads are excellent (Violetta and Alfredo) and the papa is ok (although I think younger than Alfredo!) I love the Dr. Didn't really notice the chorus much, we are still just struggling with the horrible parts - still finding tons of wrong notes! These are the reduced orchestra scores from Kalmus, I guess when I played it before we used the full orchestra version, but didn't have all the parts? It is weird because the instrumentation was the same (1,1,2,1/2,1,1) although we have more strings (which don't count because their parts are the same)

But overall a decent rehearsal. We actually have 3 more, so the orchestra should be well rehearsed but only 2ce through with singers on stage! That seems a bit scanty to me, but I just play the oboe. I have a few nice solos in this, nothing like Les Mis! And I had to turn down the part in Sweeney Todd - so depressing. Would love to do it sometime.

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