Thursday, September 4, 2008


The painting is done, at least the white part. Now I am thinking I might do some sponge painting to bring in a bit of color on one wall...

I am realizing I have a lot coming up - next week I start recorder classes, which I haven't ever done before. I am sure I can do it, but I decided the book they were using last year was awful, and I was just going to do my own thing. But the nice think about a book is that it give structure to your class! Maybe I will find something I like better, but for now I will just teach hand placement and basic scale (with no reading), give them all fingering charts and hope for the best. They all read music and have had lessons on piano or flute.

Also bells start next week. I haven't done anything. What to play is hard to decide when I don't know how many ringers I will have. *sigh*

AND the regular orchestra season starts next week! As well as private students. And the opera (La Traviata). And I got an email about doing Sweeney Todd - which may have been a mistake but I'd love to do it - Sondheim is one of the best.

And THIS Sunday (2days) I am playing in church, decided to go with the Marcello (short and sweet!)

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