Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two delightful days of breathing paint fumes - J is making me use the oil based paint. Yuck. But better than listening to him rant about the evils of lesser paints. Of course, his knowledge of paint was gained about 30 years ago, but not to get into that.

The first coat is on! Looks very white (in a splotchy sort of way). I think I will sponge to top part, haven't decided if I will stay with my blue/green palette or not. Apparently reds and beiges are in now. But I don't want red or beige. Too bad for me.

I have actually done other things with my day, J and I read the scriptures in church this morning, which allowed me to be strongarmed into playing offering next week (I'm actually kinda glad - was wondering if I'd ever get to play again now that H is gone). I get to pick, was considering the Albinoni Adagio (dm) as I haven't done that for a while, and I don't want to learn anything new right now.

This is the first week of school, and bells are starting next week (I got a new ringer today!) and I'm teaching recorder at Ds school this year. I have never done this (except subbing for the lady who did it last year) but I hear the three in my "class" have all had music before - yay. Could have students at the college, but I'm not betting on it. Tomorrow is our Labor Day concert, my biggest part is probably Beet 6 scherzo, which is the only mvt we are doing on this concert. Weather should be fabulous, not too hot or cold but we'll see.

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I'm not sure we can even buy oil based paint in California any more! (My dad -- man, I miss him -- used to paint houses in the summer for extra income, since teaching middle school didn't really do it for a family of six.) Even with the acrylic paint I used in our bedroom I continue to smell the paint! It's been a month now. Sigh. Home Depot (where I buy paint these days) sells some sort of "green" (not the color) paint and I'm tempted to try that out next time. IF there is a next time.

I love that Scherzo! So much fun and not difficult so it can be so enjoyable to play. Have a great time!

The last time my church asked me to play I said I was "on a break". I find it so difficult to play there, as no one is really interested in my kind of music aside from my mom and sister and a few friends. I know I should just do it knowing it is worshipful, but I get weary of it after a while. (And now my reeds are all horrible anyway. Grumble.)

Have a nice holiday! (I'll be teaching; one student never seems to take a lesson off.)