Friday, August 8, 2008

Really "Miserables"

Holy cow, what a nightmare rehearsal!!!! First one in the pit (tomorrow is dress), and it was pretty horrible. Mostly I played ok, except one glaring exception - of course the big solo...I had this complete panic attack about 20 bars before, and then I couldn't play anything! It was awful. But other than that, my reed was fine (I'll blame my reed in true oboe diva style).

The conductor was really having trouble, and I think the coordination required to do this show is huge; but he was conducting a lot of stuff in 8 that really could have been fine in slow 4 (his pattern was really confusing, and a lot of people were thinking his 4th beat was a downbeat). Too bad, hopefully tomorrow will be more clear. Usually he is very easy to follow. Also the singers were sometimes late to their mark due to the circle thing being slower than they expected; and I guess the barricade was having some "issues". I am still totally pumped up on adrenaline, and we didn't get done until 11:20 - I got home about 12:15. Good grief.

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