Thursday, August 21, 2008

Opera and Les Mis

Tuesday we had our first rehearsal of La Traviata...I wonder if there is a different edition I have played. This Kalmus version is terrible - tons of wrong notes and I swear it is dumbed down from what I have played before. Anyway, reharsal was ok but slow. And delightfully over at 9:40. After finishing Les Mis at around 11 every night that was a nice change.

Wed was a great show - huge crowd that was very vocal. The house has been pretty full every night, but some audiences are better than others. I felt pretty good about the solo tonight, but I think my reed has bit the dust. It is too bad because it responds great - but it is starting to chirp and lack resonance.

In other news, the futon is in! It is really big! But it does look great, and we can always move it to the living room if we hate it in the utility room. Of course, that will take much manuvering. It is really comfortable - one of those inner spring mattresses.

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