Friday, August 22, 2008

best review

Les Mis is getting great reviews, and although they have only mentioned the orchestra in passing, it is exciting to see such positive buzz about the show. But yesterday I got what I thought was the best review ever - our sound tech/lighting mastermind guy (who runs all the other tech crew - don't know his official title - but he does the orchestra and all events in this hall) G said I was sounding amazing! I have known him for 7 years and he has never said anything like that to anyone I have that really made my night.

Sadly my reeds were not as fabulous last night as Wednesday, I was feeling invincible on Wed. But just so one doesn't get too cocky, reeds will put you in your place. I think the show is solid enough now, I'm really able to be calm even before the sewers! Seems like we just didn't get enough rehearsal for a show of this magnitude. There are people in the pit who played for years in LA and they said to open they had way more than two rehearsals. Oh well, and tomorrow is closing - seems like we are just getting going! I will be glad to have slightly less on the schedule though, and nothing nearly so arduous.

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