Friday, August 15, 2008

more stuff

Another update from the pit...things went pretty well tonight although BOTH of my oboes were full of water. *sigh* What a nightmare. Hopefully it was just humid or something.
The reviews are out - they are very good. They say nothing about the orchestra except how fabulous it is that there is a full pit. Yay.

Interesting pit story - tonight there were probably 5 different stage hand trying to fix something with the trap door - don't know what was wrong with it. But they had power drills and at one point they brought in a 8' board! Kinda distracting.

I bought a futon today! Now just have to make the place for it - no painting has actually occured yet - I figure that *can* happen later if I run out of time. Still trying to get through the piles of stuff in there. It was pretty heaped up - but already so much better.

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