Thursday, August 28, 2008

School picnicky

Ds school had their annual back to school picnic (he's 1st grade this year), where you meet the other parents. There are only 20 kids in 4 grades, so it is quite intimate...was lovely to see everyone.

I had to leave early for rehearsal - was actually kinda glad I missed part of it since it appeared we did the boring stuff first! We are playing the scherzo from Beet 6, which has this great oboe solo. It is sort of "off-center" sounding, but I have done it for all those children's concerts last spring so I know it cold. Several people who don't usually say anything were very complimentary. That was nice. And my reed from the last show is sounding decent - wish the pitch in the group would stay a bit lower (I DO play an in tune A, but maybe I should try playing it a bit low since it appears they all tune high!)

Other thrilling highlights will be the Superman march and the Moldau, as well as several baritone showpieces and a trumpet thing called the Virgin of the Macarena or something - JP sounds great! I was really impressed that the board wants to have hamburgers for us (and families) after the concert. We usually bring picnic stuff, but what a nice thing for them to do (also saves me having to pack a bunch of stuff!)

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