Tuesday, August 5, 2008

silly stuff

So during the run of Les mis the little orchestra is having an outdoor concert. Our show is at 2pm (sunday matinee) and the concert is in a nearby city at 5pm. This is LES MIS we're talking about here - I am betting we push 3 hours very hard (although we haven't actually run the show yet). But DD (conductor) thinks it will be great for me to come just for the 2nd half, I guess he is begging one of the violinists to do the same. But here is the kicker: he is moving the biggest solo I have (Adagio from Sparticus) to the first half. The things he is worried about are the Moldau and Harry Potter!

This all started because the sub I wanted said she could do it, then changed her mind. No one else is really "good" enough, and the 2nd is a good player but she doesn't ever practice. I don't want her to feel like I'm passing her over, but if she is going to play Sparticus anyway...THIS is why we really need a personel manager!!! I shouldn't be doing this! grrr.

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