Thursday, August 7, 2008

car trouble

So I've been driving this nasty old car because supposedly it should get 45 mpg, but it is actually getting about 35...but the a/c is conking out. I realize these old cars have troubles, and J is really good at fixing them, but unfortunately like most mechanics, he is fully booked! And I know 95 isn't that bad, but it really isn't pleasant weather in a black interior car. So we're driving around, and some poor woman rear ends us in the Walmart parking lot! Her van was in much worse shape than our car, but the rear fender is mashed and the light needs a new lens (new being a relative term). Hopefully we can just get it fixed cheap and have her pay, she seemed very nice about it all, but NOT the diversion I was hoping for today!

J and D are leaving tomorrow for camping with js family - I can't go because of Les Mis! At least we have the convertible to drive (a/c works great in that, terrible mileage though).

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