Monday, August 18, 2008

Insanity Sunday

I have survived the crazy Sunday - seems like everything went ok! Les Mis was great, I think it was sold out (the matinees always do well here) and my solo (since it is really all about me) went really well. I am feeling good about it but trying not to get "relaxed" since there are 4 more shows to go! Keeping my oboe warm seems to be doing the trick with the water - instead of picking up the EH when I have a change, I wait until just a few bars before and as soon as I'm done I pick up the oboe again. During the break I've been wrapping all the instruments in the shearling case cover (since intermission is the ONLY time we get blasts of air conditioning down in the pit - I think when the door is open it makes the air come down). So far the EH has been H2O free, and reeds for that have been great.

The concert at the country club started about 1/2 hour before Les Mis finished, M said it was 106 degrees in the tent when they began!!! This is when we need to have a temperature clause in our contract - that is ridiculous. No one wanted to listen in that heat either, I think a few CC members who happened to be reletives were there and no one else. Yuck. Anyway, E (the violinist in Les Mis) and I carpooled up to the CC and made it in 25 minutes, just as the intermission was underway! It was only 98 in the tent for the 2nd half; highlights were the Moldau and Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - both went fine.

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