Sunday, August 10, 2008

And we're off!

Actually that title makes it sound worse than it was - we were mostly "on" tonight; what I meant was we're open! And another show in 12 hours. Yay.

Tonight was actually much better than the night before, it is just so difficult getting everything coordinated. I imagine the touring productions go together much easier because many people already know the show, just the pit people (and not all of them) tend to be local hires (I think). Anyway, my rather critical friend said he really enjoyed it; and I don't think he would just say that.

There are still some places where we need clarity - the robbery attempt I think, and some places where the singers can jump ahead and some people haven't written in where the voice comes in - also since we don't have a vocal monitor in the pit it is pretty hard to hear sometimes.

My big solo actually was pretty good! I used the Laubin (instead of my usual Loree) because of water issues, it has been really bad this week. It also has this lovely dark sound and the pitch is totally solid.

I didn't realize that although the title of my big moment is "the sewers", it is actually the time when the barricade is rotating around so you can see all the dead people...really it is an awesome scene because when it turns to the back you see Enjorlas (sp?) with the flag and it is always so heartrending - our Enjorlas is really good too. He was Georges for La Cage, and really a nice guy.

Anyway, the oboe is playing this lovely melody that is mostly incredibly slow whole notes, usually I can just emote away on something like that, but for some reason I was getting terrible anxiety about it, and having a physical response - my arms would get weak and my heart would flutter and I couldn't breathe right - totally unusual for me, but tonight was much better. I spent most of the day finding decent reeds, it was great the boys are gone camping. I should send them away for every opening! But hopefully they are having a great time (except I accidentally sent the Ds toy tent instead of the real grownup tent for our neighbor who is 6'4", I think about 3' of him stuck out the end!)


Patty said...

There's just something about that solo, isn't there? I'm usually just fine with solos, and while I get a bit nervous it's nothing like that one. I'm not sure why. Something sets us up for nerves, I think. But as you go along I'll bet it gets easier for you to deal with.

It IS a lovely solo!

Are you playing the solo in its entirely, or do you know? The tour added a cut ... can't exactly say where it is now, as it's been far too long since I played it.

Enjoy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty, you are right, Sunday was much more relaxed! And I believe we are playing the whole thing - it is 2 minutes long (my part) then the other winds come in for a big 4 octaves unison sort of reprise and then I finish it up all alone on a high A (which by then is hard to get up there!). It is beautiful, but lots of pressure.