Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wow, it's August

Seems like a lot is going on, we had the fabulous Fireworks concert - I guess this year they are REALLY going to feature it in the IDRS magazine, but after last year I am not holding my breath. Anyway, it was fun and I think the best we have sounded since I started doing it (14 years?!) This was the concert's 30th anniversary, I suggested getting Baskin-Robbins to sponsor us next year (31-derful years!)

So that was a frenzy of rehearsal/playing, then we had our 2nd summer concert for CSO, which turned out to be a dance at the fancy resort. I ended up getting a 2nd oboe sub, since the usual person broke her tooth! I think she need a root canal, eek. Anyway, it was a nice gig, private party, hope they liked it. It always seems so weird to do orchestra stuff for a dance, seems like they really want a big band, but what do I know. We did do the Blue Danube, which is nice, but everything else was just arrangements of big band stuff (and jr high pops tunes!)

Tomorrow we start Les Mis (6 hr rehearsal)! Really looking forward to it, although my reed situation is kinda desperate. My folks are coming to closing night, so that should be fun. Unfortunately I will miss Jims family get-together because it is over the weekend, and they don't allow subs for the show. I suppose I should have turned it down, but I REALLY wanted to play. So Jim and D will go, and our neighbor (15yo boy- to hang with my 16yo nephew). It is in a field in the middle of nowhere, just property the family owns, so everyone brings tents and RVs and mostly they visit and cook; very fun and relaxing (and cheap!). This is the 2nd year I can't go, they may disown me.

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