Saturday, August 9, 2008

Less Miserables

Tonight was less bad! Actually it was mostly fine - there were still a few spots that we are off, my carpool buddy thinks it is all the conductor. But I think the conductor is (mostly!) fine, sometimes in shows singers just start at unexpected times, and we aren't very familiar with this show so it is hard to adjust. Fortunately I know the show pretty well (just from the soundtrack) so it is a bit easier for me.

I made it through the sewers again- better shape this time, but still not glorious (as it should be!!!) I am really annoyed because I can actually FEEL the adreniline rushing through my arms and hands about 20 bars before this solo. Weird. I am really psyching myself out, and the rest of the show there are lots of solo-y bits that I'm not worried at all about. Huh.

I also had TONS of water again. Of course, it did rain during the show so maybe that contributed. But the sound guy yelled at me for blowing out my oboe, he said it was coming through the mics and he couldn't turn me off. Then he figured out I played the oboe not the clarinet, and he was turning the wrong mic down. Huh.

We got done at 11:05 tonight, better (but still ridiculously long). Came home to empty house as the boys are camping - kinda nice to have the run of the house! They'll be home Sunday.

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