Monday, August 11, 2008

blessed relief

Ahhh, Monday -no rehearsals or shows! Until tomorrow I can do anything! So I'm painting the utility room. fun.

Sunday the show was actually way better all around I think - we were all more relaxed. This is really like an opera in the amount of concentration it takes, there is no down time once the stick drops! My solo went well, and although I'm sure people were acknowloging the stunning viniette of the baricade with the bodies and the flag etc (which is slowly revolving during my big moment) they actually applauded when I finished - so I'll take that as kudos! I remember it being a very powerful moment, but I didn't give the oboist enough credit when I saw it - what a big bunch of long tones.

Anyway, tomorrow is rehearsal for another summer symphony concert - which I am somehow supposed to get to the second half of (the concert) which is right after Les Mis on Sunday. The show is 3.5 hours long (LOOOOONNNNGGG) and then I have to pack up, get the car out of the traffic, up to the country club in the next town (I think about 15 minutes with no traffic) and unpack before they start the second half of the concert. Stupid. Since that gig starts at 5, and Les Mis won't be over til 5:30. Stupid stupid stupid. But DD really wanted me to play - the sub I was hoping for couldn't do it, and no other subs seem to be able to come to both rehearsals. Whatever. I don't even care right now - I'm sure our 2nd oboist will do fine even if I don't show up at all!

Looking forward to my aunt and uncle coming up for the show Friday, they will be staying with us (and possibly painting the utility room!). And my good friend JB is coming from Disneyland (he actually works there) this week. He is going to the show Friday too, with another friend who directs a lot of shows here in the big city. J used to do a lot of musical directing and kind of set me up when I first moved back here. Should be fun to see them again. I remember he arranged a lot of stuff from Les Mis for our show choir to do, and I came to play oboe for Bring Him Home. Very nice.

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