Friday, September 12, 2008

What a week!

So playing in church was pretty good, and my new shirt was highly complimented! Opera rehearsals went ok - TONS of mistakes in the parts, like 50+measures left out of various parts (in different places). These are Kalmus scores, and I don't remember every having this problem the last two times I played Traviata; anyone know if there is another edition? I sure hope so.

My new student is in 8th grade and she has played 3 years. Not bad, but her oboe is an Olds (?) and it only has the basic keys. It also is VERY leaky, I sent her to the local repair guy who I like. We'll see if she goes (sigh). I have another 8th grader starting Tuesday, and my senior had her first lesson since summer yesterday. She is trying out for All Northwest, which is a highly competitive honor orchestra//band. A lot of the stuff is over her ability now, but she is a real trooper for giving it a shot! I guess they make you audition on the web now - you get one shot to play the material (instead of making a recording and sending it in). Eeek.

Bells started up on Wed, I only had 5 ringers. Bad! But I convinced my new ringer's driver (who sadly, lives in a different state) to give it a try - they both did great! Hopefully I will have at least a couple more from last year. The whole mess at church with adding a new service (no bells needed, they want guitars and tambourines)has kind of messed things up. Maybe it is time to throw in the towel...

Orchestra started the new season Thurs, Beet 5, Artunian Tpt Conc, and Elgar Enigma Variations on the first concert. Nothing big for me, really. But there were big crises when the 2nd bsn shot off at the mouth again, now 4 people have told me they are ready to leave if he doesn't shape up. What a nightmare.

Grampa's visit was really fun. He and his friend L went on Ds field trip to the dairy farm! Lots of eating and visiting was done by all, and I really like L, she is a great person. We went on several long walks with the dog and one fabulous day to the Barnes and Noble...friends for life now!

Finally today nothing but picking up D from school! Tomorrow I am going with friend M to the big symphony in their fancy new hall - they are doing Strauss' Alpine Symphony. Should be great!

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