Saturday, February 7, 2009


So one of the big reasons for coming to NY is to see the shows - of course the biggest reason is to see C sing with the Cleveland Orchestra in Carnegie Hall (tonight!). Wednesday we went to a matinee of Wicked - really awesome, pretty much what I expected but so fun - the set was very cool. We walked around a lot but it was SOOO cold - I was wearing two extra shirts under my coat and my scarf over my head (I didn't bring a hat - who wears a hat?!) and it was numbingly cold. Today is the first day it isn't insanely freezing.

Thursday we saw Lion King - as everyone says "the costumes are amazing!" It really was a great thing to see. I am glad I went - looked in the pit and it was like a recording studio in there - all plexiglass partitions and clicktrack headphones and stuff, and obviously a lot of the band was in some other area because they weren't where I could see. The soundboard was immense! Disney production values. But it was WAY better sound than for Wicked - the mix was impeccable and all the instruments I noticed sounded great. The oboe was weak in Wicked - of course I would notice that but I wondered if they had a sub or wonky reeds, no technical issues I heard, just lame sound.

Yesterday we saw Avenue Q - OMG I was LMAO!!!! That is a very different kind of show too, but it was really great. I actually bought the soundtrack and merchandise (which I NEVER do, cuz I'm a cheapskate). Today we are going to In the Heights (matinee), which won the best musical last year, hopefully it isn't too much rap. But I think almost anything we decided to see would be great - all the shows are so good here. And tonight is the orchestra concert - my first time in Carnegie!

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