Friday, February 13, 2009

oboe kicking me in the chops

Wow, rehearsal last night was killer. Mostly we are doing moventments from various concertos, but the one "big" piece is Chasing Light by Joseph Schw@ntner. He just wrote it last year, and apparently it is his 12 tone period. Also very minimalist. Which is ok, but sightreading was Nas-ty! I love doing new music, but I'm really hoping this one grows on me.

Tomorrow I have the sitzprobe for Secret Garden, lots o EH. Haven't touched it since November. I did this show in 1996 and really liked it then, but this is a HS production. Of course it was community theater (tiny community) when I did it before, so this could be better (at least in some ways!)

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Brian W. Antoine said...

Schwantner can certainly throw the audience for a loop at times, I can't imagine what the musicians suffer playing his stuff. Peggy and I just heard his "Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra" last night, with Evelyn Glennie. What an awesome piece and her performance was mesmerizing as usual.