Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flight to NY

Ok, first of all the flight DID get in and there were no plane problems, but I had a horrible flight. I was leaving at 11am (Pacific time) and supposed to arrive at 8:30 in NY (Eastern time). All was well with leaving, we got into Denver as scheduled. I was a little worried about getting my connecting flight as I only had 40 minutes and it is a big airport, but turned out the gate was right across from where we landed. So I am waiting while they board the plane...and about halfway through they get everyone off. Storm in NY, no more flights into LaGuardia until further notice! Fun.

So they tell us it will PROBABLY be at least 2 hours, maybe more, but they aren't sure and it might be less so we should check in every half hour. But I have a book and get a sandwich so I'm pretty good just sitting there. At least we're not on the runway! After the 2 hours, they start boarding again. We pull out of the gate and are driving around the endless maze of runway weirdness, and then we stop. Another halt from LaGuardia. So we wait for an hour on the runway - sooo fun. They decide to give us free tv to soothe the grumpy people (this was an excellent idea on their part). Finally we take off. Fly fly fly. We see NY, we descend, we land! I can see "Welcome to New York" on a sculpture out the window as we taxi into the gate. Wait! We stop before the gate - no gates available. The pilot announces someone is in our gate and they will be right out. Ten minutes later he announces the other plane is still in our gate but they are working on getting out. Twenty minutes after that he announces they have no control over the other plane as it is another airline, but he is sure they are pushing off soon. After 45 minutes on the runway, we finally pull into the gate. So I finally got to the hotel at 1:35...

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