Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Secret Garden

Tomorrow is opening - kinda terrifying but it was SOOOO much better last night. This is a HS production, they hire a few pros to scatter through the orchestra to sort of "coach". It is so great that they hired me AND my friend M to play clarinet, she was my college roomie and it is so fun to play with her (we also play together in orch, but in this show we actually sit next to each other, fun!) Also a form of sanity as she is a pitch ROCK. The horn player is great too, and the HS players are really coming around. This isn't the craziest show, but it isn't easy if it's your first experience; LOTS of cuts and added vamps and "after m35 go back to song 4 and play m25-130, then return to song 20 at m13 and play to the end" kind of thing. But great experience for them - my FIRST show was when I was in college - Fiddler on the Roof at a comm theater - I couldn't believe I'd never done something like that before it was so fun. Of course that is a great show.

Anyway, M and I are missing orch tomorrow to play for opening night. Next week we will do orch and apparently they are just going to cover our parts in the pit (keyboard I'm sure), DD is NOT happy we won't be there tomorrow, but what can he do? I feel bad, but it is a rehearsal vs. opening; gotta play the show. And we actually get paid 1.5x what we get in orch, which is nice (although not why I'm doing it - the orch has been very good to me!) I will practice the evil Schwantner - holy cow that is harder than Harry Potter (who would have thought?! teehee)

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