Thursday, April 29, 2010

Concert week!

Today I pick up some new reeds (guilt guilt, but they are soooo fine!) from the mysterious G - who has decided to go public if anyone is interested. Gary Plowman is the awesome reedmaker, and he can be reached via email

He is working on a website but right now he just has the email address. I'll post a link when he gets a site up and running. His reeds are fab and he is a terrific guy too.

Anyway, stopping by to pick up reeds (he adjusts them right then if needed, advantages of living close by! AND I save postage). Then off to convocation where my student is playing the Hindemith. Much better than ME playing the Hindemith! She should do great. Back home since I have a cancellation at the college, and see no point waiting around 5 hours, then back over for one more lesson and orchestra rehearsal!

Tomorrow is dress, then our last real concert at the college. Sad in a way, but we are working on the church and it will be fine. And less than 1/2 price. WITH the latte bar!

Very excited to hear the Brahms today, have been working on the easy looking but deceptively hard triple meter things - this is the 1/2 note part that is off from the rest of the orchestra - I can play all those quick passages just fine! This is offset by my less able playing of the Barber Vln 3rd mvt - NASTY quick passages but I'm hacking away at them - I think all but one will be pretty solid, and fortunately that one is with all the other winds (hiding behind the flutes!) I can get most of it, but it's soooo long something always gets messed up. Grrr.

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