Saturday, April 24, 2010

a princess is a delicate thing...

Tonight is the last night of Once Upon a Mattress - fun show! And really well done for a HS production. We are in an open pit - just a space in front of the seats. They only hired 3 winds, no brass and a combo (keyboard, guitar, bass and drums). I think it is quite effective, and hopefully they are glad they hired all three of us.

It has been a really busy week with all the shows and rehearsals, orchestra rehearsal, lessons, Catapult Day at Ds school (daddy was highly impressed) and Grampa G comin to town. Fun! A trip to Cabe((as is planned for today - but no obligations beyond the show. Forcing the boyz to go, or they don't get the awesome steaks tomorrow at the best steakhouse ever.

I was surprised that I had some rhythmic "issues" on the Brahms (3) - first mvt and I blame the strings for not laying down a steady beat - on the other hand I should be able to play it no matter what they do. So I guess I better practice! Also if anyone has ever played the Barber Vln that 3rd mvt is a bear - really awkward passages at warp speed. AND if I feel like more is needed, I have all that clarinet stuff for Annie - I'm assuming I can play all the ob/eh stuff. Of course, there seems to always be SOME passage of hardness in most shows!

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