Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have been a terrible blogger, but since I played in a recital I suppose I must post! All went well, ended up playing the Hindemith after our flutist for the Dring Trio was called to boot camp! Apparently they just whisk you away for that, she left last week.

I was very brave and spoke to the audience before I played, just a few sentences about Hindemith. I love when people do that so I figured I should too. There were about 7 people performing, it was very nice even though we weren't allowed to use the hall on campus. This is the same hall the symphony has been priced out of playing at - sort of a shame. But I loved the church we played at - big and resonant - I really wanted to play something schmaltzy! Too bad we didn't have any rehearsal time there.

I have spent the past week frantically trying to learn the 3rd mvt of the Barber Violin cconcerto. The 2nd has this beautiful oboe solo, but the 3rd is what I have to focus on as it is faster than...well, some fast thing! And it is hard (whine whine). But so cool, I can't wait to play it.

Also working on my music typesetting - can't get my midi to midify (keyboard to talk to the computer), but I got 3 pieces from Once Upon A Mattress input to transpose down 2 whole steps. NASTY transposition, and it's going to the lovely key of Gb so I decided not to try transposing by sight, I can do up or down a step if it isn't too tricky, but this is NOT my thing. Then I felt sorry for the flute player and did her parts too. I'm sure I'm getting musical credit somewhere in orchestra heaven.

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