Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring gigs

Yay! I am so happy to report things are picking up. I did get the call for Annie Get Your Gun (not my favorite show, but it is a long run and it pays well!) Lots of people I love to work with are playing and it's my favorite local conductor. AND I'm getting to stretch my doubling wings as this book has oboe/EH/clar. Just took the "new" clarinet into the shop so hopefully it will be amazing when it comes back - Jim got it most of the way but it needs fine-tuning.

Also playing for Once Upon a Mattress, HS production for the Little Orchestra Conductor. Same great wind players on this one, and it is only one week. Pay ok, and has been a really fun gig in the past. Only oboe which I expect will be a no-brainer.

AND we start rehearsals for the final orchestra concert this week - Brahms 3 and Barber Vln Conc. Haven't played either one, should be fun.

Finally we are actually having quintet again tonight (first time in MONTHS!) but due to three of us playing for AGYG for 6 weeks, I think we're taking some time off. We need to discuss options, I'm very discouraged about the fact that we have only had two rehearsals since December! I'm hoping to do a few Saturday rehearsals since we can't meet on Wednesdays during the run.

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