Thursday, January 17, 2008

baby chimes

Last night I "did" the youth group again - I wouldn't really call it conducting, but it went really well! I printed big staves on 8.5 x 11 paper, and then I put giant notes on there with one of those huge markers, about one measure per page. I decided to make the music look pretty much like regular music, but I put colored dot stickers in the middle of each notehead (since most of the kids can't read music). Then I taped about 4-5 measures together, so each song has 2-4 lines of music. As you can imagine this took me HOURS to do, but I just watched tv with the boyz and it was kinda fun.

I thought it would be fun to see if they could identify the piece with no title (we did Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Amazing Grace and Holy Holy Holy) We will pick two to play for service in February.

It was great, I just used a cue stick from the youth pool table to point at the notes (they don't know how to count either), and they sounded great! I did have them all doubling octaves, which was perfect since usually at least one person played each note. We'll see about memorizing or using this "sheet music", which is huge and I have not idea how we could use it during church service without having a huge portable easel or something (I taped the pages to the wall for practice) I was just happy that the kids were able to make music (that sounded the way we wanted!) in such a short time - how cool is that? And they will have at least a rudimentary idea of girl even asked why some of the notes were hollow (half notes), so they were paying attention. yay!

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