Friday, January 4, 2008


We had our first rehearsal Thursday, it was kind of lame due to the extremely awful arrangements of movie tunes we are doing. I actually love movie themes (I believe this concert was actually my idea) but I want to do the "real" scores, not some nasty jr hi edition. Oh well, we only have three more rehearsals, and we are starting on the Enescu Romanian Rhapsody next week during the 2nd half. Yay! Real music. I supppose I am mostly annoyed because there are no lovely oboe solos. What kind of movie music doesn't have oboe solos????

I appear to be playing in church Sunday though, tomorrow we are having a music planning meeting so I guess I will get music then. I actually went to the music store and got samples of a bunch of bell/choral Easter stuff (so organized). Unfortunately we will have to buy it if we want to play it (I mean us personally, since they church is having some sort of monetary crisis). But fun to look at anyway. I really like the other two musicians on staff, so this should be kind of fun.

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