Saturday, January 12, 2008

Movie night

We are playing movie music for our Family concert - much of it is not that great. But hopefully the audience will love it; a partial list is Superman, Star Wars (nice eh solo but I'm not playing), Saving Private Ryan (can't remember the piece but it is slow and pretty), Harry Potter (do you sense a John Williams theme?), a Mancici medley (NO oboes or bassoons), James Bond medley, Looney Tunes at the orchestra medley (surprisingly fun) and the part everyone knows from 2001. But they rehearsed the Enescu Romanian Rhapsody on the 2nd half of rehearsal (this is for the March concert), it is delightful and I can't wait.
TOday I MUST make reeds, it would be nice if I actually practiced too - have been procrastinating due to what appears to be the longest cold ever.

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